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WESTERN ART. Unique paintings of contemporary ranch and rural life.

Jerry McAdams Online Western Art Gallery

Jerry McAdams Ranch and Rural Life Art offers a variety of original paintings by nationally known western artist Jerry McAdams, along with a selection of high quality giclee prints on canvas, fine art paper prints, and cards featuring some of Jerry's favorite works. You'll find his unique artwork in a variety of forms for every price range. ALL PRICES INCLUDE TAX AND SHIPPING IN 48 STATES. Thanks for looking, liking and sharing this site.

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About Jerry

Jerry McAdams is one of the best known contemporary western artists in the country, especially in horse and ranching circles. His work has been featured on dozens of national magazine covers including The Cattleman, Gulf Coast Cattleman, America’s Cutter, Ruidoso and NCHA Sale Catalogs, as well as featured in Cowboys & Country, The Western Horseman, The Dallas Morning News, Fort Worth Star-Telegram and many other publications.
A native Texan, McAdams lives on a small ranch with his wife and son south of Hico, Texas.
After more than 30 years in the publishing business, McAdams’ art business has evolved from a lifelong hobby and sideline to a serious business. The popularity and demand
for his unique and graphically bold western paintings have finally forced him to become a full time artist.
A 1973 graduate of Texas Christian University with a degree in journalism, McAdams has won numerous writing, photography, and advertising art awards, including two National
ADDY Awards from the American Federation of Advertising. His large scale paintings (36” x 48” is a typical size) are varied and sometimes whimsical, but maintain a photographer’s
perspective in dramatic cropping and depth of field.
Working mainly in acrylics, his subjects range from contemporary scenes of horses, cattle, and ranches to portraits of family pets. His artwork has been marketed and exhibited on a limited basis for more than 35 years in the Southwest. His paintings hang at The University of  Texas and in galleries and private collections from California to Wyoming to Illinois to Connecticut, Kansas, Florida, Canada, England, Australia, Germany and across Texas, Oklahoma, Louisiana, and the entire United States.

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